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We are an independent water sports brand that devote to encourage everyone to try, and to make the most suitable product for every user and every purpose. From the most basis practice board to high-end multiple usage board, you cannot find a better one than SurfWave.

Set sail with SurfWave. DEFINE YOU LIFE, FIND YOUR WAY
Young, Positive and Energetic.
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SurfWave always try our best to make the best product for our user. The best is not only about material, it is also about independent design, outstanding brand value, precise product position and perfect using experience.

SURFWAVE - Find Your Way

Explore the beauty of nature, find your heart a peace place. We are SurfWave, come and set sail with us.

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Being an independent brand is not easy in this disordered market. We have the belief to be not like anyone of others. Every product is the painstaking effort of all of our teams. We make sure every process is perfect enough to give you a perfect SURFWAVE SUP Board.