Set sail with SurfWave. Define your life, Find your way.

SurfWave devote ourselves to encourage and guide people to go into nature, feel the vast of the sea and enjoy the happyness of doing sports on it. We deeply know the vast of the sea and reverence for the sea. And we want to guide people to feel that through sports. It’s not a easy thing to go for a chanllenge and exploration, However, the happyness of achieving it is far beyond imagination. As we devote to encourage everyone to try, we devote to make the best paddle board for every user and every purpose. From the most basis practice board to high-end multiple usage board, you cannot find a more cost performance one than SurfWave.

we want to make paddle board easy to control, safe and stable, big enough to use, good-looking and energetic. Make the best balance on functionality, technique, design and price. Make it cost-performance enough, everyone can afford to buy one and experience the joy of water sports. Give you exclusive paddling experience, weather to practice or go on long-distance tour.

SurfWave is not a brand that just selling products, we want to guide people to go outdoor and enjoy nature. All products contains our reverence to the nature. We want to show more and more people our value and encourage people to live audaciously. Stay young, energetic and positive together with SurfWave, define your life and find your way.

In 2024, the publishment of new Ocean Series means SurfWave goes into the next step of our brand development. In the following years, we will upgrade this series year by year, letting OCEAN series become the most famous and popular product in the SUP board market.